ELA Connections was founded on the firm belief that every student can be a successful reader and writer—on standardized tests, in the classroom, and in the real world. Our goal is to connect with teachers, students, and parents to enrich reading and writing education.

On our site, teachers will find reading and writing activities, test prep units, and a multitude of resources for all their students. All of our activities, lesson plans, and test reviews follow TEKS standards and can be integrated directly into any existing curriculum. Parents will find ways to strengthen the home-to-school connection with easy-to-follow resources linked to the very same standards teachers use at school with their students. We also provide grammar and vocabulary exercises, both for warmups in the classroom and practice at home. Students can explore our site and links for self-guided learning, as well as structured free time in the computer lab at school. All of our resources can be used, with little to no modification, for ESL/ELL students as well. 

Below is a brief description of each area of our site. Whether you are a teacher, parent, student, or administrator, we are confident you will find a way to connect with us.

ELA Connections Home
ELA Connections Home
Testing Connections: quality resources to help secondary ELA teachers prepare their students for STAAR testing in Texas

Reading Connections: effective resources that can be used to strengthen reading skills of all students (ESL, SpEd, on level, and above level)

Writing Connections: practical resources to strengthen writing skills of all students (ESL, SpEd, on level, and above level), with an emphasis on real-world examples

Teacher Connections: numerous resources and links for secondary ELA teachers

Student Connections: helpful links to educational websites to strengthen ELA skills at home and at school

Parent Connections: accessible resources and links for parents who want to better understand the STAAR test and help their middle school students in reading and writing

Training Connections: information about customized teacher workshops and teacher training, staff development presentations, faculty meetings, etc.